2BM Qualification Check

Maintain safety and compliance in the workplace

Access employee qualifications

Integration with SAP

Speed up communication


Improved reaction time


Following regulations and checking qualifications can often mean a huge workload for organizations both from an operational and administrative perspective.
The 2BM Qualification Check Application helps you verify employees’ qualifications and certifications in the field, and notify managers if a qualification is absent or outdated.

Business Benefits

Using innovative technology like GPS coordinates and captured signatures, the App is an extremely valuable tool in maintaining safety and compliance in the workplace and ensuring a proficient and qualified workforce. The app gives you:
• Real-time access to employee’s qualifications and certifications
• Full integration with SAP back-end
• Intuitive & visually appealing
• Faster communication

A 3-step process

  1. Lookup: Scan employee ID cards to pull up data for the given employee
  2. Validate: verify employee and qualifications through employee picture & details; notify manager using his email from SAP
  3. Notify: contact manager with 1 click; employee signature and location is included in email


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